My Dogs

At the moment I have bitch living with me, Mustantuulen Yön kuningatar.

 I also have placed dogs with breeding terms: Mustantuulen Wampirella and Mustantuulen Zoila.

I also have had several dogs that I have had co-owned or have placed with breeding terms:
bitches Mustantuulen Piirpauke, Mustantuulen Ryövärintytär and Mustantuulen Saaga,
and dogs Abandon, Mustantuulen Legenda, Donatrix Un Poison and Wascosta Kuvia di Locaco.

Yön kuningatar

Mustantuulen Yön kuningatar


D.o.b. May, 31st, 2012

ED 0
Eyes clear

Exc from shows

Agility 2nd class

Finnish character test 97 p.

In Memoriam 

FinW-05 T.s. & SL CH, CZ JCH

Jack Cerny Habakuk


Male, 3.9.1999–18.1.2014

(Orion-Jerez Fan Jo-Bo's Hiem x
Dajána Habakuk)

34 CACs, 9 CACIBs

Hips: A, elbows: 0, eyes: ok

Czech charater test
97/100 points


Blackie in the 2005 Finnish Specialty. © Kari Jalonen.



Male, 9.3.2000–10.8.2012
(Donatrix Don Cato x Donatrix La Vita Luna)

Blackie has a very open character, although he came to me as a so-called problem dog. This is Blackie's 3rd home, we have no problems.

Blackie has received 3 CACs,
one is from the 2005 Finnish Specialty (Vermeire).

Hips A
Elbows 0
Eyes clear

Finnish character test passed with 95 points

Donatrix Un Poison


Male, born. 19 September 2002
(Nihn de la Douce Plaine x Black Body Deibaidei )

Three reserve CACs.

Hips: B, elbows: 0, eyes: ok

Finnish character test passed
with 169 points 

Co-owner: Marjaana Pakkala, Taikurin


Nalle. © Päivi Lotila


Wascosta Kuvia di Locaco


Co-owned with Kirsi Vilja

Male, born 14 April, 2005
 (Boetsch de Bruine Buck x Purdy di Locaco)

3 x CAC
Exc+1 in junior class at the 2006 Finnish specialty.
Exc+ in open class at the 2007 Finnish specialty.

Hips B
Elbows 0
Eyes ok

Wasco has also passed the Finnish breeding examination (by Jesper Andersson) in 2007

Mustantuulen Legenda


Co-owned with Hanna Kainulainen, Helsinki
(Uzo de la Poumyroffe
x Mustantuulen Evita Peron)

Hips A
Elbows 0
Healthy eyes (-01, 02, -07)
Full scissors bite, both testicles



[more photos]


Mustantuulen Nefertiti


Female, 12.3.2003–15.3.2003
(Donatrix Don Cato x Mustantuulen Lady)

Hips A
Elbows 0
Eyes ok

Exc+2 and BB3 from open class


April 2008

Mustantuulen Piirpauke


Female, born 24 December 2004
(Zola des Terres Bergeres x Mustantuulen Lady)

BB3 & CAC from Jean Lawless
Exc from Pauli Stern-Hanf (spec. 2008)
Exc from Abel Renard (spec. 2007)

Hips A, elbows 0, eyes clear, healthy back

Finnish character test 143 points

Owned by S. Heinonen, breeding option.


Mustantuulen Ryövärintytär


Female, born 24 December 2004
(Eternity's Qhaos x Mustantuulen Lili Marlene)


Hips A, elbows 0, eyes clear

Finnish character test 141 points

Ronja's brother was diagnosed with Addison's disease in September '08, so Ronja probably won't be used for breeding.


Mustantuulen Saaga


Female, born 25 February 2006
(Jack Cerny Habakuk x Mustantuulen Money Penny)

Hips A
Elbows 0
Eyes clear

JUN Exc+2



© Mustantuulen