It was just before sunrise when I woke to the sound of a wine bottle falling from my nightstand. I got carefully up, fumbling for the bottle. "It must have rained last night", I thought to myself as I made my way to the kitchen. I had planned this day carefully. The dream I had had for years was finally coming true. There was no return.
Tonight my new life would begin.



Before I sat behind the wheel I thought about my decision, how self-evident it had been. Picture of the black long-haired dog that had made an everlasting impression on me when I was studying in Harju came back to my mind. How much pleasure she had given to us all when she ran free around the grounds.

A few hours later I arrived at Marjaana's - and it wasn't long before a black hair ball came running to me. The loveliest almond-shaped eyes were looking at me. I thought to myself: "This is the one, I hope it's a girl." A quick look and our journey together began.

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The dog grew up to be a cat-loving belgian called Taikurin Dimirka, a.k.a. Mirka.
"Lady, lady?" was a frequent call behind my door when children came to get Mirka to run or to play with them. Somebody once asked how I could give my dog to the children. It hadn't even occured to me that a belgian could be reserved.

We didn't do much training with Mirka. My shifts wouldn't allow us to attend any courses, but also my own inefficiency had something to do with it.

Mirka entered a few shows over the years. My enthusiasm grew with success - what could I give to this breed?

Over the years Mirka had three litters. The first one was Taikurin litter H with Elosalaman Royal as the sire. In the late 1980's a young male called Uriel de la Seravenne was brought to Finland, he was recommended for Mirka. Uriel was the father of Mustantuulen litters A and B.

From the age of 7 until her death at 13 Mirka lived at Anna Katainen's. My cattle dog took over the pack and unfortunately Mirka was never able to return to it.
I keep this gorgeous girlish bitch in mind when I think about my breeding goals.

I think a dog should be manageable by anyone. 

"You can't force a hobby,
cooperation is at its best in perfect harmony".



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