Mustantuulen Evita Peron & Carera

Evita Peron

Mustantuulen Matador

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Donatrix Un Poison

© C. Roselt
Donatrix Un Poison

© Fischer
Mustantuulen Legenda

Puppy pictures

What's this??
Mommy has dropped bits of sausage...

Oh, that's where we do our business?

Mirka with litter A.

No!!! HELP!!!

Mustantuulen Eddy Murphy

Mustantuulen Elvis

Mustantuulen Elvis

When mommy  went home, the australian cattle dog became a surrogate mother for the six week old puppies.

And... We ATTACK!!

There is milk after all!

Elšintunti Elšintunti
A pet day,
litter N on a school visit.


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